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Our client success stories

Don't take our word for it - just listen to what our clients have to say about our services and expertise over the years.

Dawn Drew

“…your coach for a healthy life.”

I am one of the millions that have dealt with obesity since they were a child. I had a great childhood with healthy weight parents and currently have a great group of friends. I just have an addiction to food; I love everything about it. I remember in grade school when they made every student get in front of the class and get weighed and I was the only one that was 100 pounds— now if that doesn’t mess with your body image I don’t know what does.

Over the years I have done all the diets.

Atkins: lost 30 pounds but it is not a way to eat for the rest of my life. Gained all the weight back.
Optifast: Oprah lost 70 pounds and I did too— fast forward a year after losing 70 pounds, I regained the weight and then was up 80 pounds.
Eat little to nothing: lost weight but no way could I live my life that way- I love food.

At my highest, I got to 298 pounds (January 2000) when I went to Weight Watchers. I then began an on and off commitment to Weight Watchers and continued successfully over the next 7 years to drop down to 225 pounds. I would lose 30 and then gain 10, still on and off the program.

I just turned 60 and my health took a turn with the diagnosis of osteoporosis (that doesn’t happen to big gals, but yes it does thanks to genetics) and the need for a new knee. I am independent and love to travel so nothing is going to keep me down. This was the alarm in my mind that said I have to get off this roller coaster of on and off diets and figure out the final solution.

This is when Heather enters my life. At the first meeting, we spent 90 minutes going over my food diary and talking about what I wanted to accomplish and my concerns regarding my health. Being a long time Weight Watcher member, I was reluctant to make a change from that plan. Heather came up with a plan that addressed my health issues focusing on protein and calcium and 1600 calories a day. I have been tracking religiously in My Fitness Pal and have consistently been losing a pound a week. She has shared ideas on how to achieve my protein and calcium goals. All the food I fix I love and it is real food. Heather is very focused on eating natural food and we will look at labels together to come up with the best choice. She will also help interpret your blood results and determine appropriate dietary changes. I love to cook so it has been fun to tweak recipes to lower calorie count but keep the awesome flavor. Most plans in the past kept me at about 1300 calories and I am hungry with only 1300 calories. She has helped me focus on how my body feels when I eat in a healthy way. I am not hungry and am down to 179 pounds with my goal of 170 pounds in reach! She listens and never judges and is your coach for a healthy life. I am 100% confident for the first time in my life that I will not go back to my unhealthy ways and it feels empowering. Buying all new clothes and getting rid of all the fat clothes is a plus!

MRT food sensitivity client

In late 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the words used were “invasive and aggressive”. Never something you want to hear. Three weeks later I had a double mastectomy and then began chemotherapy with two different drugs in December. In addition to the chemo drugs, I was given steroids and anti-nausea drugs. Chemo was hard with a five day stay in the hospital to fight neutropenia (can kill you) and c-diff (can also kill you) and then multiple visits to the hospital for hydration to combat the ravages of the drugs. Once chemo was over I was able to get reconstruction surgery. Finally the fight against cancer was over and the battle against the side effects began.

Chemo left me with neuropathy in both hands and a pins and needle sensation in my left foot in addition to an elevated resting heart rate of 110. I also had arthritis in my left knee show up where I had never had it before, a fairly common side effect. Thanks to the steroids I was also 20 pounds over my usual weight, but I never got sick with the chemo! I’m now on an anti-hormonal drug and will be for at least 8 years that brings a host of side effects with it. Due to the 40% chance of cancer reoccurrence, I chose to go on the drug as it takes that down to 9%.

My team of doctors said that the side effects may never go away or may lessen with time. There was no way to predict what the long term prognosis would be. This was unacceptable to me. I had heard about Heather Fink and the LEAP Program and was willing to try anything to help. I had the MRT blood test and then met with Heather to work out my new eating program based on my food sensitivities. My list of things that were highly reactive was small but did include coffee. Now that was going to be hard. There were other foods on my reactive list that included some of my favorites including cane sugar, chocolate and wheat. I was willing to try this program to get rid of side effects I was experiencing which far outweighed my love for certain foods.

I have been on the program since November 2016 and have regained all feeling in both hands and the pins and needle sensation happens only on a rare occasion. The arthritis in my left knee causes me no problems. I have lost all the chemo weight and then some putting me back down to my weight when I got married over 20 years ago.

Heather was very thorough in explaining the program and how it worked and helped craft an eating plan that was easy to follow. Everyone’s results of their blood work will result in a unique set of foods to avoid. For me it was well worth it. My husband was so impressed with my results that he has now started to see if it will help with his medical issues.

At this point I have beat cancer and I have beat the side effects thanks to Heather!

Kelly Sharpe

I started working with Heather in preparation for my 2nd Ironman. We started out by discussing my daily nutrition and Heather was very helpful in suggesting foods for nutrients that I was lacking and working with the foods that I enjoy. I am vegetarian and she had great suggestions for helping ensure I get enough protein, especially with my high level of training.

Next, we worked on my race nutrition, starting with the 70.3 distance and then moving to my 140.6 game plan. We kept in touch during the months of training where I made sure to practice my plan. I provided feedback to Heather and we tweaked the plan before my race. I felt very prepared for my race and it was great knowing exactly what to pack. I had plenty of time to practice, my body was used to everything and there were no surprises on race day. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather and owe a big part of my race day success to her!

Mark Nigh

In 2013 I took on the challenge of competing in my first Ironman. After a relatively short career and minimal experience in triathlons I knew I would need a lot of help in making my goal of completing Ironman Louisville. I did not want to just finish but do so at a competitive level with a time I would be proud of. Through my research and preparation for the event and at the persuading of my coach, I knew nutrition would be critical.

Time and time again other local athletes and coaches would refer me to go see Heather Fink. I am so grateful that I did. I can say she was a key aspect of meeting and exceeding all of my goals for my race. Heather brings the whole package to your race nutrition. She not only builds your race plans but does so much more. She evaluates and assists you with your daily diet as you train, she builds plans for you to use in your training and preparation races, all the while curtailing these to your lifestyle, tastes, and physical makeup. To top it off she comes with real race experience and knowledge of the events. She knows not only how to build the plans to make you successful but also guides you on how you can execute them through the course of a race. Whether you are out to finish, set a PR, or become the best in the field, she can help you make it a reality. Heather, you are the best and thanks so much for making me an IRONMAN!

Brad Allen

I have been an avid runner for the past ~ 30 years running half-marathons and marathons. Then about 18 months ago I began giving serious thought to competing in my first full IM (Louisville). I had completed an Olympic and half IM last year. It was after completing the HIM that I realized that something would need to change before I attempt a full IM. During my HIM, I finished but completely “bonked” toward the end. I struggled with nausea, dehydration, and my legs had completely “hit the wall”. In the past, the one area that I always seemed to neglect was the hydration/nutrition planning. In speaking with a few of my Ironman peers, they agreed that this was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. They also spoke highly of Heather and recommended that I meet with her.

So about 6 months prior to my IM race, I began meeting with her. One of the first things we did was to determine my sweat rate, which was VERY high. I began weighing myself pre and post- exercise and maintaining a sweat log for Heather to review. Based on this we would modify how much fluid and carbs I should consume during my training. We continued to review this log which also captured how I felt and would tweak this up until my race. She also helped me prepare a training schedule which would have me prepared for the race but would also fit into my busy schedule which is now almost completely consumed by my 3 kid’s sports and school activities. Additionally, she prepared a race day hydration-nutrition plan by the hour. It also included steps to take should I experience health symptoms or issues during the race.

For the race, I felt ready and completely prepared. I stuck to the plan throughout the race. She was spot on with what to expect and how I would feel. I was pleased with how I felt throughout the race. I had no cramping or nausea and finished strong. I was also amazed with how great I felt afterward and the days to follow. The nutrition/hydration strategy she had prepared was truly the piece I had been missing. What a difference this has made and this now will always play a major part in all of my training and races to come. I only wish I had begun working with Heather sooner! She was great to work with and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone in need of a personalized hydration/nutrition plan.

Scott Moon

My Triathlon coach Shea Rankin highly recommended Heather Fink’s race nutrition plan as we focused on a season of competing in long course triathlons. Heather’s experience, attention to detail and excitement to insert her plan into our season was apparent from our first meeting. As a Clydesdale Triathlete, I presented a unique challenge to Heather but she quickly put together a race nutrition plan which didn’t force new products or different hydration techniques but worked within the products or hydration capabilities that we were utilizing at the time. At first, it was tough to trust the volume of hydration in Heather’s race nutrition plan but her demeanor in pre- and post-race discussions spoke volumes on why we needed so much fluid.

After successfully utilizing the race nutrition plan in multiple 70.3 events this season, it became apparent to me the level of near dehydration that I competed at last season during multiple 70.3 events. Testing the race plan was crucial in gaining trust in the volume, timing and the delivery process of the nutrition and hydration. Also, Heather armed me with the knowledge and confidence to make race-day modifications on the fly should issues arise.

Heather’s race nutrition plan was a huge success in our final test of the year at the 140.6 distance in Ironman Florida. The plan was so easy and automatous at this point, no GI distress, no cramping and with plenty of energy to finish my first Ironman with athletes that were 20-30lbs lighter than me.

Simply, Heather’s race nutrition plan works given time to practice, tweak and develop trust in the plan. Heather’s high-degree of nutritional education, high-level of race experience and practical application make it clear that her services are an asset from the weekend warrior to the athlete striving to take his or her performance to the next level.

Brenda Tkacz

I reached out to Heather roughly 5 weeks before my first marathon. She was amazing! With very little time she assessed my needs and asked me to practice her plan with the few long runs I had left. Because I have a small heart condition she was very cautious, and made sure the plan was discussed with my cardiologist. She even jumped on a call with me during the visit with my cardiologist to ensure he had all the facts about the products I was going to use during the race. Heather was willing to adjust the plan, so it would fit my condition. The plan was rock solid. A few days before the race we went over the nutrition plan once again, weather conditions, and she offered her expert opinion on the logistics for race day – such as what time to leave the hotel and when to line up in my coral, etc. Simple stuff people take for granted. During the marathon, the plan helped tremendously. I was able to quickly assess my condition, troubleshoot on the spot, and adjust my plan as needed. Heather also made sure I knew what to do after the marathon, which refreshments to take first and how much, etc.

Once again, thank you for your help Heather!!!
I would highly recommend her to anyone – seasoned athlete as well as a rookie marathoner as myself. I know the next time I embark on a new adventure (such as tri, or half IM, one day) I’ll be back for more help.

Adam Ferstein

As I began competing in longer endurance races in triathlon, I quickly realized the importance of nutrition/hydration, and why it was called the fourth discipline. This had always been my “Achilles’ heel”. I would never seem to finish a race as strong as I would have liked to — I had bonked every time, and on one occasion, I ended up in the medical tent due to dehydration. As I was planning to compete in my first ever Ironman, I knew I was going to require a more specific nutrition plan.

Some fellow Ironman friends of mine who had used Heather’s services recommended that I get in touch with her, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best things I could’ve done. Heather customized a nutrition/hydration plan that suited my needs perfectly. She gave me a list of race day modifications that would turn out to be just as valuable as the actual nutrition plan itself. I am proud to say that after finishing my first Ironman, I felt great! Heather was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in receiving a personalized nutrition/wellness plan.

Jason R. Busdeker

I have been working with Heather since 2011. That season I was planning a half Marathon in the spring, Olympic Distance Triathlon in June and half Ironman in August. Prior to 2011, I had run my first half marathon in 2007 and my first triathlon in August 2010. I completed both of those events with no real nutritional plan. I was referred to Heather in early 2011. After speaking to her for the first time I knew I had a lot to learn about properly fueling myself for these events. It didn’t take long to realize how much knowledge Heather has in the field of sports nutrition. Heather was always a pleasure talk with. You can tell you are not just a client to her. She genuinely cares about you and your successes no matter how big or small your goals. She always offered for me to contact her at the last minute with any questions before race day. She always emailed or called to wish me luck and always followed up after race day to see how everything went.

My nutrition plans Heather put together for me were always right on. She has put together plans for me for a half marathon in 30 degree temperatures and half Ironman Triathlon in 90+ degree weather. No matter the distance or the weather, she was always right on with my plan. I went from my first triathlon in 2010 to an Ironman Finisher in 2012 and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Heather’s knowledge on how to fuel my body. I would recommend Heather and her services to anyone without any hesitation. No matter how big or small your goals from weight loss, nutrition race plans or any other nutritional needs, I have no doubt in Heather and her ability to make you successful.

Michael Rager

After completing my first half Ironman triathlon it was clear to me that I knew very little about proper race day nutrition and hydration. My body’s requirements to compete in events of that magnitude and length far exceeded my expectations and led to very disappointing finishes as well as put my body at great risk of injury.

After a referral from a local coach I began working with Heather last year in hopes of better understanding my body’s needs to safely and successfully compete in endurance races in hopes of one day completing a full distance triathlon. Heather not only helped raise awareness to my body’s extreme hydration requirements but was also able to tailor a race plan that met these needs while incorporating the products I use for training purposes on a day to day basis.

In the two years working with Heather I have not only been able to successfully meet my race goals but have found myself in better physical health crossing the finish line and able to recover in much shorter periods of time. I am very proud to say that this year, with one of Heather’s plans, I was able to compete in Ironman Wisconsin and finish with a time just over 11 1/2 hours. It was a lifelong dream of mine and Heather made sure I was fully prepared for every situation.

I feel I am a walking testament to understanding the importance of your body’s nutrition/hydration needs. I now fully comprehend how much of an impact not having a sound plan can have on your race day experience. My only regret is that I wish I would have started working with Heather sooner so that all of my racing experiences would have been as enjoyable as the ones using her plans.

Rick Rader

It took a few years to muster up enough courage to finally register for the Louisville Ironman triathlon that took place in August 2011. I can remember three years ago having the Ironman Louisville registration website open, and then closing my browser before hitting the “send” button on the registration site. I lacked the confidence to register at the time. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I could do any of the three legs of the Ironman; it was how in the world was I going to run a marathon on a hot August afternoon after swimming and biking for 2.4 miles and 112 miles, respectively? Ultimately, the answer was by adding a fourth discipline to the race, which was to incorporate a solid nutrition plan.

Obviously, the fourth discipline is unlike the other three disciplines (swimming, biking and running). The nutrition portion of an Ironman does not have a beginning or an end; it is continuous throughout the long day and it has the biggest impact on your performance.

In preparing for Ironman Louisville, Heather Fink began developing my nutrition plan about three months before the big day. She used feedback from my long training rides, long training runs and brick workouts to determine how much nutrition I would need to take throughout the day, including fluids. In addition, Heather took my feedback as to how I felt during the workouts and how I tolerated certain foods and drinks. We tested the plan in a half-ironman distance triathlon in July 2011. Again, Heather listened to my feedback and made minor adjustments for the nutrition plan I would use at Louisville. There was no way that I could have figured out on my own the correct ratio of nutrients to take throughout my 13-hour Ironman Louisville triathlon, and the amount of fluids I would need to consume. Not only was the nutrition plan right on the mark, so were Heather’s suggestions related to implementing the plan.

Obviously, the benefit of the nutrition plan was an enjoyable experience for my first Ironman. Other benefits, however, occurred both before and after Ironman Louisville. Those benefits included quick recoveries from the long workouts leading up to the actual event and the recovery from the Ironman event. In addition, I have been able to apply the nutrition knowledge shared by Heather for subsequent events and workouts. Five weeks after completing Ironman Louisville, I formulated a nutrition plan based on my sessions with Heather to run/hike rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon.

So many times I have heard from friends that they have bonked while participating in ultra-distance rides, runs and/or triathlons. The last thing I wanted to experience at Louisville (or the Grand Canyon) was a miserable day as a result of poor nutrition planning on my part. Fortunately, all the time in the pool/lake, on the bike and running in preparing for Ironman Louisville paid off because of my nutrition plan. The nutrition plan is what actually brought the three disciplines together, and made Ironman Louisville an enjoyable and memorable day!

I look forward to 2012 Ironman Louisville and continuing to work with Heather in making my goals attainable.

Thank you, Heather!

Matt Vogel

I cannot express how lucky I was to have worked with Heather Fink during my 2012 Ironman Louisville training! They all say that nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlons and I now wholeheartedly believe that. In the past I had struggled with nausea and cramps during multiple marathons and shorter distance triathlons. When I moved into longer distance triathlons this year I knew I needed professional guidance if I wanted to be successful. Heather had come highly recommended by several members of my triathlon club.

I have to say they were spot on! Heather worked with me throughout my entire summer racing season. She was able to build upon each race and training session to dial in what my nutrition needs would be for both Ironman 70.3 Racine and Ironman Louisville. To my amazement I finished the entire 140.6 miles of Ironman Louisville without any cramps or nausea! I attribute that to the amazing nutrition plan that Heather laid out for me. I cannot thank Heather enough for all that she did for me during my 2012 race season.

Drew Allen

Where do I start with Heather Fink??? She is the very best in the business!

Heather has personally guided me through Ironman Louisville and R2R2R in the Grand Canyon. I first started working with Heather in 2007. She’s helped me for almost 10 years!

Heather wrote an Ironman plan for me back in 2008 before Ironman Louisville was moved to October because of the extreme heat and humidity. I followed her customized plan and cruised to a very comfortable finish under brutal weather conditions where other athletes were dropping out left and right.

After somewhat of a hiatus (2 kids), I came to Heather with the hopes of completing a 51 mile, unsupported run, across the Grand Canyon and back, known as Rim to Rim to Rim. We had to start with my weight. Over a 30 week time period, I lost 30 pounds. Granted, I started heavier than I should have been, but still a pound a week was huge. Heather devised a super simple method of eating for me after analyzing my blood results. I could eat whatever I wanted, but I had to be smart about it.

Once we had the general diet under control, we moved on to the nutrition plan for the day of the event. This was tricky as Heather had to work with high altitude, extreme heat, limited water stops and 17-20 hours of running at elevation. I laminated her plan and brought it with me. I used it hourly as a reference check and I felt great. She helped me incorporate essential sports nutrition products into my plan. This was my first ultra marathon and it’s completely different from any other event I’ve done where you have people cheering you on and handing you sports beverages and food products. You’re out in the middle of nowhere with zero support. It’s not just nutrition, it’s safety. There was over 10,000 feet of elevation gain and loss. Staying on top of my nutrition was my top priority. I wouldn’t even attempt an event like that without Heather’s guidance.

The neatest part of my relationship with Heather is my entire family has adopted Heather’s methodology of eating and exercise. It has become our lifestyle. I worked so hard to get into shape and I accomplished a bucket list goal. But why go back to being overweight? The simple plans Heather teaches aren’t tools to get you through a specific event. She changes your life for the better, forever. I’ll be in great shape the rest of my life because of Heather. Thank you, Heather Fink!!!

Tim Dykema

Heather is the best! I began running 8 years ago building up to an ultra-marathon level. Mid-way through I added weight training … but honestly I never really had control over my health until I met Heather. The clear signal was when a mild leg injury took me off running for 3 months, and as a result I gained 10 pounds and felt totally off … more honestly defeated. I was convinced I needed a quick fix diet program to restrict intake and a personal trainer focused on developing a new performance routine.

The first time I met Heather I knew she understood where I was at and graciously listened and eased me into seeing diet and nutrition as a life style benefit that would pay off. In six months I never felt better! But more importantly my understanding and approach to life and health has been altered (forever). Heather has the unique skill sets to wrap diet and nutrition around all aspects of your life, schedule, personal goals, and make-up. I highly recommend Heather if you are ready to learn and develop habits that will take you to a whole new level giving you more confidence to reach your goals. Thanks Heather.